Skincare from the mountains

Dolomia is the only phytocosmetics brand which harnesses the power of natural extracts from the Dolomites to fight the effects of stress, pollution and skin aging.
Our skincare and make-up treatments help the skin become stronger and light it up with the colours of the Dolomites.

Dolomia Montagna

From the heart of the Dolomites, perfected and enhanced by research

The Dolomites are in our DNA. We are constantly learning more about them through our research and their conservation is our prime concern. Our priority is healthy skin, so we have created highly effective products with certified tolerability whose active ingredients from the Dolomites maximise their cosmetic efficacy.

Dolomia is only available in pharmaciesbecause our story began in pharmacies and we share the same values of research, knowledge and reliability.
Our top pharmacies are always happy to give personal advice.

Natural Balance® acts deep down in the cells, detoxifying and oxygenating, to fight skin aging caused by environmental, emotional and physiological pollution.

Dolomia filosofia natural balance
dolomia scelte sostenibili

Our sustainable choices

The Dolomites are our home and they have instilled in us a love of nature and taught us the importance of protecting it. So respect for the environment is at the centre of everything we do - from our formulas to production, packaging and shipping. We monitor the entire life cycle of our products to check their environmental impact and make choices that ensure we continue reducing it.

Light, colour and definition
for a radiant complexion

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